Traffic Fines Doubled

As much as I’d like to continue to bitch about this whole COVID-19 bullshit, I figured I would give you all a break. Instead, let’s talk about road work, shall we? I mean, everyone has to deal with road work, detours, and delays, don’t they? Well, maybe not the Amish, but still.

In some areas, road work is a season because inclement weather destroys the streets so much that it takes seemingly eons to fix. And then there are other areas with nonstop road construction.

Las Vegas is one such area.

It’s bad enough that the traffic is ridiculous (although it has been pretty nice during the “plandemic” lockdown crap) thanks to tourists who can’t drive. Seriously. If you look at the license plates of most of the idiots on the road who speed, drive slowly in the fast lane, park in two parking spots, and whatever other moronic hazard they can create, invariably, it’s an out-of-state plate. Now, I don’t want to point any fingers, but, Texas cough Arizona ahem and California cough tend to have more than their fare share of stupid drivers coming to visit Sin City.

Anyway, back to road work. You’d think that given the fact that the entire world has been locked down for two months that the vast majority of road work in Las Vegas (including finishing some that has been going on even longer) would have been completed by now. I mean, there was virtually no traffic on the roads. Right?


In addition to the previously unfinished paving, widening, and whatever else they were doing, there are now even more blocked off streets in various stages of construction. With states lifting their lockdown restrictions (or people just saying “Fuck it”), more and more folks are getting out and about, and the roads are, once again, littered with moronic drivers who don’t comprehend the concepts of merging, turn signals, full stops, and tailgating.

You would think (at least a reasonable person would think) that the City and County offices in charge would have ensured that work was finished. After all, construction workers were deemed “essential” workers, so they were able to stay on the job while the majority of us have been sitting at home slowly going insane while waiting for life to return to normal.

So, what did they do? Nothing! Absofuckinglutely nothing! Well, if you want to count decorative traffic cone placement across the entire Vegas valley as essential work, then go right ahead.

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